Puppet Devs is work in progress and will launch early 2018. Puppet Devs is a short, impromptu review show featuring a selected game and one of our Puppet Devs (Murder Bear, Doc, Quackers, Warty, or Buns). Not all of our puppets are too bright or skilled when it comes to video games, which can lead to some wacky humor. This is a new show we are working on developing.
How Do I Get My Game On Puppet Devs?
We're not sure yet, but it will cost points. Patreon subscribers are invited first as priority and free of charge. As of right now, we can only show off iOS and Desktop games, but we are working on it. This project is in development.
Username/Company Name
2017 QUIZ Live on Google Play!
Defend The Cake Launches on Steam! (Tower Defense, Strategy)
Apocalypse Cow gets a Steam Page!
King Arthur: Magic Sword - Live on Google Play
Perseverance: Full Clearance- Ready for your Adherence!
SpinSling released for Android! Play for free!
AD-FREE Fidget Spinner
Catch The Kitty
Stink Eye, the new game from Chillyproof Games is out NOW!
By Any Means Necessary First Trailer
Ninjako: a new ninja race game arrived
Star Raiders.... sideways scrolling sci-fi shooter after beta testers on iOS
Need Beta tester for a group battle game! Awards waiting~
#DriftGalaxy is on your store!
Need beta testers for an awesome clicking and fighting game!
O-BOX: BALL SHOOTER on both iOS and Android
I created a game on steam!
CyberSphere updated!
Dual Neon - The Challenging Game
Retro Knight Trailer!
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