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IVG's parent company Smiley Crew Productions will be hosting a plethora of Indie Video Game shows! Follow and watch as we continue to find new ways to help market your game for free! Check out the funny videos and live shows of Smiley Crew Productions as well as our live reviews!

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How Do I Get My Game On Here?
As of right now (Nov 2017), the first show we are creating actually requires you to do nothing. It is called IVG's Lightning Reviews, and our spokesbear Murder Bear will be picking random games from IVG to talk about in mini-segments. If you want a good review, just make sure your game's IVG page is pretty and clean and everything is working properly. If you have an issue, bug us on Twitter.

Later, we will be offering the opportunity of adding your commercials to our channel and doing more thorough reviews for Points. So keep earning Points, and we'll keep rounding up more followers.
Who is Smiley Crew Productions?
They own us.
Why not make your own Twitch Channel?
Because 'divide and conquer' does not work well on the internet. Eventually this Twitch Channel will be loaded with games, maybe even yours!
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2017 QUIZ Live on Google Play!
Defend The Cake Launches on Steam! (Tower Defense, Strategy)
Apocalypse Cow gets a Steam Page!
King Arthur: Magic Sword - Live on Google Play
Perseverance: Full Clearance- Ready for your Adherence!
SpinSling released for Android! Play for free!
AD-FREE Fidget Spinner
Catch The Kitty
Stink Eye, the new game from Chillyproof Games is out NOW!
By Any Means Necessary First Trailer
Ninjako: a new ninja race game arrived
Star Raiders.... sideways scrolling sci-fi shooter after beta testers on iOS
Need Beta tester for a group battle game! Awards waiting~
#DriftGalaxy is on your store!
Need beta testers for an awesome clicking and fighting game!
O-BOX: BALL SHOOTER on both iOS and Android
I created a game on steam!
CyberSphere updated!
Dual Neon - The Challenging Game
Retro Knight Trailer!
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