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We all want our games reviewed, and we all ask other people, websites, and Youtube personalities to review our games. I get at least 10 requests for a review a day (why not as the Puppet Devs?). With that, Indie Video Games has created an organized system to help you get your game reviewed not on our website, but on other websites. Apple App Store, Google Play, and Steam are all places were you can help your fellow developers out by reviewing their games ... as long as they review your game as well. Here's how the Review Swap system works:
  1. Obviously you have to sign up for our website and add your game.
  2. Browse our website and find a game that is in the same category: iOS, Droid, or Steam.
  3. Contact the develop of another game and request a swap.
  4. Wait. You could send out a few more requests while you wait for the first to respond.
  5. If the other developer agrees, go and review their game. They are required to review yours as well.
  6. When reviewing their game, "Neat." and "Cool Game." reviews will not be accepted. Write a review that you'd want to receive. It does not have to be positive, but it has to be thorough.
  7. Allow at least a week for your game to be reviewed. If both games are reviewed: success!
  8. If your game is NOT reviewed, or given a simple review, contact us. The bad reviewer is subject to deletion from our site and their games blacklisted.
This feature is still in development.
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