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  • Shin Galaxy - Alpha War released on Play Store.
    by AJ To The Moon
    Hello, Shin Galaxy - Alpha War has been released on Google Play Store, the game is a space shooter with RPG mechanics. Players will be able to improve their ships to tackle the challenges ahead, as well as buy better ships and skins to customize them. The game has more than 25 stages, content to unlock, boss battles, 08 ships and 60 missions to complete.
    Link To More Information
    DRACULA demo now available on Steam!
    Shin Galaxy - Alpha War released on Play Store.
    Beta Demo of Shin Galaxy: Alpha War released!
    Time Keeper Game Play Trailer
    Happy Lunar New Year
    Queeny Army has been released to consoles
    Just Popped in!!!
    Mira's Brush releases today!!
    Release new game! Road Mayhem
    gamesweekberlin PRO X - Meet pot. publishers & investors and present your game
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