• gamesweekberlin PRO X - Meet pot. publishers & investors and present your game
    by gamesweekberlin
    Are you an indie or full-scale game development studio? Want to pitch or extend your business relationships? gamesweekberlin PRO X is your chance to meet with potential publishers, investors and/or other interesting people! More than 60 game companies and publishers, most notably industry giants like Nintendo, Konami, SEGA and Quantic Dream, as well as indie darlings Good Shepherd, Neon Doctrine and Devolver, are curious to get to know you! Since gamesweekberlin PRO X will be 100% online, we're using the platform by MeetToMatch, making it easy for our attendees to connect with each other. It's our mission to bring devs and publishers together – therefore, the business networking will be open all day (8 am - 8 pm, CET) on November 23 & 24! Add your game/project by using the new MeetToMatch showcase feature! ???? Get visibility among all attendees of gamesweekberlin PRO X ???? Plan up to 10 meetings with publishers and business partners Tickets for developers and indies are available for only 29€! Any questions? Please contact gamesweekberlin@booster-space.com. Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/153335401313
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    gamesweekberlin PRO X - Meet pot. publishers & investors and present your game
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