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    How Do I Get Started?
    The first thing you need to understand is,yes, Indie Video Games . com is actually a "tool". It is NOT just mean to be a website where players can browse games (although it can be as well). It is also NOT a website where games will eventually vanish into the abyss days after they are added. This website rewards participation, dedication, and active community members.

    Indie Video Games is a tool for developers, and is designed to be a useful place for all indie developers to get free marketing. You NEVER have to spend real money on this website. Ever. Not a cent. You CAN buy a Subscription Plan and get some bonus features, but it is not required to use our site and succeed. We have dozens upon dozens of users who had added their game, used our site, found new players, and never paid a dime.

    As a developer, your goal is to earn Points: our currency. Points are earned several ways:

    1) Sharing other users games on your personal Facebook or Twitter Account.
    2) Playing games on our sponsored apps Doc's Arcade or Retro Knight.
    3) Purchase a Subscription Plan for bonuses.

    When you share another person's game, they gain exposure to your family/friends. You become their agent and help them earn more downloads. In return, we give you Points to then spend on our website to market your own game. You can spend Points to get your game in the faces of every other developer on Indie Video Games, hopefully getting them to share your game on their Facebook pages, and in turn exposing your game to their family/friends. Rinse and repeat.

    Fundamentally speaking, we have turned every other developer on our site into YOUR marketing team. They work for you to share your game across a their personal network, and we pay them for you via Points. The more active you are in the IVG community, the more posibilites you have of earning downloads.

    It's as easy as that.

    Sign up (free), submit your game (also free), and start earning Points! Everything is free, so why not use it?
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