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We have said many times that this site is more of a tool than a website, and there are many features we are adding that we hope you take advantage of to boost your own game's popularity.
Doc's Arcade Games
You'll be able to earn Points by playing small Flash games on this site created by Doc The Bunny. Spend some time in the arcade that pays you back!
Review Swap
This is a very large and involved project that will plug into this site. You will review other people's games, and they are required to do the same for you. Boost each other in your respective stores. Each of you can submit your completed task to receive some Points too!
The IVG App
I don't know what this App will be called, but it will include site features, the ability to market your games on the go using Points, and even play some of the games in Doc's Arcade to earn more Points. It will be fancy, and hopefully both for iOS and Droid. I don't want to leave any players hangin'!
Puppet Devs
IVG will have its own Web Series called Puppet Devs, and they will work as both an entertaining show and reviews of your games. The reason I am doing this is because I believe that Puppet Devs will bring non-devs to IVG, which will then help you find new players for your games. Think of Puppet Devs as both something fun to enjoy and a marketing tool to make this website more popular so more people find your game on the front page! I'm not sure how soon I can start this series, but I can say I do have the puppets all ready and waiting to work. They work for free, so that's helpful.
Username/Company Name
0.99 Alpha - The Rush
In Vitra - iRPG Trailer
Nano Brick Updated to v1.2
Bee Flight Sim available now for free on iOS devices.
b-Ocracy Update 2 Releasing March 17! Alpha test now!
Rainbow Animals are live!
Nano Brick Launch Game!
Exit: A Biodelic Adventure on Greenlight
Galactic Wars is ready to play!
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