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It's here! Download it. Play it .Earn Points. Market your own games! Easy right?
Doc's Arcade for iPhone/iPad is coming very soon! Like ... this week! So this post won't last long, I bet. Doc's Arcade is a clone of one of my own personal apps, but this version lets you earn Points to use on this site! It contains all the same features as my own App, and the best part is that you're already signed up for it! Just use your IVG username/password, and you're in!

This App will NOT be available for other devices. This App WILL be available for Desktop in about a week, so those who do not have mobile devices can still play/earn Points on their home computers.
Okay, so there is a lot of stuff coming this month, and here's what I got so far:
  • Banner Of The Day added! Just 75 Points! That's freakin' cheap!
  • Announcements extended to 20 posts.
  • Minor improvements to site forwarding.
  • Removal of some redudant pages (boring...)
I promise a lot of updates this month. I have lots of free time again.
Guess what? Now when you share the Game Of The Day, you get +200 Points! No way! If there is a Game Of The Day, just click Share and BAM! Points. If not ... well ... maybe you should get your game as the Game Of The Day and drive people to share it. Everyone wants to share the Game Of The Day. They told me so.

Also, March 2017 is on sale. Woohoo!
Remember, you are not getting your game tweeted anymore unless you have Action Tweets.

Rules are rules. It's a super cheap to do. In fact, you can get them in like 5 minutes. Just pick 5 different games other than your own and click the SHARE ON FACEBOOK button on each page. You'll have enough Points to get Action Tweets for a whole week for one of your games. Just stop in and do this once a week, and your home free! Why not pick some games from The Gamd Feed below?

How hard was that?
Back to work with lots of new updates, and more to come tomorrow! First off, the Tuesday Queue is dead and is going to be replaced by Action Tweets. Right now you're getting them for free, but that will not last. You can keep your game in our Twitter Robot for a week for just 250 Points, so collect Points! Plus, I have reduced the cost of getting your game listed as the Game Of The Day from 4000 Points to 1000 Points! Sweet deal.

Please be sure to check the new Your Data page now. because you can now see if your game is eligible for Action Tweets and other things. Note: Your game WILL NOT appear on our site unless you at least have an Icon, and then it WILL NOT get tweeted by our Robot unless you have an Ad Card. Get eligible! More to come tomorrow.
Been away for a while working on my own games (I do that), but now I'm back to work on refining some of the things on the site, tossing out some dumb ideas, and adding some great new ones. One of the main things I will NOT be doing is taking your money. You will not be able to pay real money for anything on this website. On the other hand, while I tighten some screws and make everything more attractive, please continue to earn points ... because you will need them!
9/25/16 - Beta Site Opens to Public
Hi everyone and a plesant day or evening to you wherever you may be. On this day in history, the new Indie Video Games . com opened with a new purpose in life: to help you market your independent video game in a whole new way.

I'm going to be blunt: this site is not run by a company. It is run by a very small number of people (mostly just one) who all have day jobs and are working out of their respective homes. That does not change the fact that those working on this site are devoted to helping you get your game in front of as many eyes as possible. In fact, I think it makes this site more trustworthy and dedicated because we make games as well. Now, you may notice that the site is currently 'overrun' by a few specific games (my games), and I want you to change that. I've just placed my games up as placeholders until your games can replace them. The site would look pretty boring if it was barren, don't you think. So please sign up, submit your game, and come back often to continue to work on marketing your game without having to spend money. Want to spend money? Well, you can do that too, I guess. That's all from me for now. We still have more features to add!
Username/Company Name
*Out Now* Q-Bit Revolution!
Steam Greenlight: Equalizer
Galaxy Bounty Hunter! The Fourth Game We Released!
Steam Greenlight
#TRoA arena shooter robot with elemental attacks through challenging arenas!
Iron Soldiers
Help this absolutely gorgeous puzzler ORB onto Steam!
Full Version of Brigand: Oaxaca
Shady Mission full release!
Nano Brick Updated to v1.3!
0.99 Alpha - The Rush
In Vitra - iRPG Trailer
Nano Brick Updated to v1.2
Bee Flight Sim available now for free on iOS devices.
b-Ocracy Update 2 Releasing March 17! Alpha test now!
Rainbow Animals are live!
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