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  • What is Indie Video Games . com?
    Indie Video Games aspires to be the #1 spot for everything in the Independent Video Game Community, a website that is more than just website: it is a tool. Aside from just hosting a vast directory of iOS, Droid, and PC games created by independent developers, Indie Video Games hopes to help the smallest of video game developers and producers be seen, even if you don't have any money to invest into marketing your game. We know how hard it is to compete against the big producers who have things like 'budgets' and 'marketing departments', and we're doing all we can to help you out without spending money! (If you want to spend money, you can, but you don't have to.) Everything on this website is FREE as long as you put in some work to help out your fellow gamers, earning Points to them spend on your marketing campaigns in a variety of ways. If you don't feel like putting in the work, then visit our Paid Plans page for other options.
    We believe there's strength in numbers!
    Sign up, share your work, and lend a hand to your fellow gamers!
    There's no reason we can't all succeed together!
    Okay, but ... who made this thing?
    Indie Video Games . com was created by Smiley Crew Productions and is maintained by Noah B. Wilson. Hi. We started as filmmakers, became animators, and then got into game development. When it became clear that the internet is full of scammers trying to just make tons of money off of developers without promissing much of anything in return, we set out to also become our own marketing agents. Then, the idea for Indie Video Games . com came into fruition. What if we all helped each other? What if we didn't have to spend money to get our games played? We still make games, and you can even use some of those games to earn Points on this site! Neat.
    This site is generally self-sustaining now and is actually operated by you, the developers. You decide what games are on the front page, in our menus, and which ones get the most attention. You fill out the pages. You share games. You get more people playing your games as a result. It's not a bad idea, if I do say so myself.
    On top of all that, Indie Video Games . com is the home of SGTVA: Super Game Talk Video Alpha. Long before Youtube was a thing and there were these so-called 'Youtube Celebrities', Smiley Crew Productions had the title SGTVA bouncing around, but never put anything together. Now everyone is making review videos of games and pretending to be some kind of authority, so to rise above them and get a bit more attention, we decided to have puppets review games and talk about them. That's where STGVA really took off, and you can now watch dozens of episodes over at www.sgtva.com. Who doesn't love puppets?
    Path of Kami Teaser and Steam Page goes live Today!
    Phantom Quiet Storm.Demo is out now
    SimMayor is here!
    Tiny Story 3 adventure on Appstore and Google Play
    Slovakia Up now at App Store
    New IVG Site Dropping Soon
    Isolation Story out now on Nintendo Switch
    Isolation Story releasing on Nintendo Switch in under 48 hours!
    Santa on Fire now at App Store
    Tower in Early Access on Steam
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