• Use Points Instead of Dollars on Indie Video Games!
    To make life easier for everyone, we are using our own currency called 'Points'. You can earn them by sharing other people's games on your own Facebook page, or even by playing a few of the games on this site. Think of Points as tickets at an arcade, only instead of pencil erasers and gum, you get to market your game!
    What are Points?
    Points are website currency. Current Points are how many Points you can spend right now. Monthly Points are how many Points you have earned this month, and are used to gauge your recent activity. Lifetime Points are all the Points you have ever earned and also used to gauge activity.
    How do I Earn Points?
    Here are some quick ways you can earn Points:
    - You earn 25 Points each day you log into the website.
    - You earn 50 Points for each game you share on Facebook or Twitter.
    - You earn 200 Points for sharing the Game Of The Day or SGTVA.
    - You earn ??? Points for sharing games worth more on the Valuable Games page.
    - You can earn Points by playing Doc's Arcade or Retro Knight.
    Where do I Spend Points?
    Here are some quick ways you can spend Points:
    - You can buy Action Tweets to be sent out to our ~25,000 followers.
    - You can send 1 Tweet out to our ~25,000 followers using your Tweet Now button.
    - You can put your game at the top of the Game Feed.
    - You can make a game the Game Of The Day.
    - You can make a banner the Banner Of The Day.
    - You can buy Mini Ads.
    - You can buy a Tower Ad.
    I don't want to spend money. What's free?
    I always ask this question too. You can Make an Announcement once a day. Totally free. You can also earn Points by playing some of our games in Doc's Arcade or in Retro Knight, so earn points just by playing video games. (No, we will not place your game in Doc's Arcade. Rules are rules.) We share random games new and old that are submitted to our site all the time. We also try to keep your game from disappearing into the void as new games are added by offering a 'random games' section.
    Game Dev Masters Demo Available
    Path of Kami releasing a free demo April 9th on itch io + gamejolt
    Queeny Army has been Updated
    Trash Invasion (Educational Game)
    Path of Kami Teaser and Steam Page goes live Today!
    Phantom Quiet Storm.Demo is out now
    SimMayor is here!
    Tiny Story 3 adventure on Appstore and Google Play
    Slovakia Up now at App Store
    New IVG Site Dropping Soon
    Click Here to make an Announcement!
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