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Starting in 2020, we have started to keep track of all the monthly champions of who Share the most Games each month! The more you share, the more you win! There is a limit to only 5 Shares/Day for all users, but Patrons can get more Shares and get the upperhand. Neat!
January 2020
TMD Studios 165
+10,000 Points
DosDGames 165
+10,000 Points
TeamRevived 155
+5,000 Points
Lemoon Pie Games 104
+2,500 Points
amlcreation 52
+1,000 Points
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Magical Defence is back!
Gorpee Kong Coming Soon to iOS
Key Of The Dungeon is released!
Queeny Army has been updated to 1.1.5 version
SCP Versus in Development!
Dino Maker 1.0!
Emberheart - Development Update #3 is live + Demo release date
Queeny Army will recive a free Demo!
Cheats, Tweaks + More! Update V1.3.0 is now live for Mutiny Island
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TMD Studios 115
DosDGames 115
Lemoon Pie Games 110
TeamRevived 100
amlcreation 60
NeiDneX 40
Retz Gaming Days Ltd 15
Laughing Coyote Software 6
ltjax 1
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They Are Coming
Spark Genies - Hatch Combine & Stash
Picking Pies
Road To Rage
TMD Studios
Funny Maths mobile game
Retro Knight
Tiny Story 2 adventure
Jumping Bricks
Word Wizards Duel PvP
Mutiny Island
You can now play Retro Knight to earn points on IVG! Click to start your own amazing adventure in Kingdomland!
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