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  • SGTVA Is On The Way!
    We're working on ten new episodes for the first half of 2022. Here's who we have booked for each episode. If you want your game reviewed on our show by one of the puppets, you'll have to get yourself a Subscription Plan. Don't worry, they're way cheap.

    If you don't want to give us money, that's fine. You can still get your game on our shows by using #sgtva as often as possible, or by making an Announcement on the front page. If you tweet, use game art, gifs, and funny tweets to get our attention. Quackers would love to talk about your game.

    Here's what we have planned for 2022 so far. We hope to get closer to twenty-five new episodes by the end of the year. The more bookings we make, the more episodes we make!
    Ep #51 (Feb 2022) DangryRun DiGiMi
    Ep #52 (Feb 2022) Marbleus block puzzle The Frost: First Ones
    Ep #53 (March 2022) Letters From the Moon (Available!)
    Ep #54 (March 2022) (Available!) (Available!)
    Ep #55 (April 2022) (Available!) (Available!)
    Ep #56 (April 2022) (Available!) (Available!)
    Ep #57 (May 2022) (Available!) (Available!)
    Ep #58 (May 2022) (Available!) (Available!)
    Ep #59 (Jun 2022) (Available!) (Available!)
    Ep #60 (Jun 2022) (Available!) (Available!)
    Queeny Army has been released to consoles
    Just Popped in!!!
    Mira's Brush releases today!!
    Release new game! Road Mayhem
    gamesweekberlin PRO X - Meet pot. publishers & investors and present your game
    New release! Slap a Boss
    Weekly Dev Diary - Issue 10
    Medieval Farms new content released
    The Mage Drops Demo is now available!
    First Class Escape, co-op escape room now on steam!
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    The Frost: First Ones
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