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Did you know I make music? Did you know I'm not musically talented at all? Over the years (and after a previous life working at Apple), I have made several tracks using Apple's Garageband which I have used for my own independent films, movies, and video games. They are royalty free, and I am legally allowed to sell the music that I have made, but I'm not doing it as a profession so I can't promise my music is the best. However, it's cheap, so if you need music and don't have a lot of money, this is agreat place to start.
You will need to pre-purchase Coins to purchase tracks from the Music Library. All songs are set to loop perfectly. No need to edit them.
Remember that just because you are buying a song does not mean that you own it. You do not have to give me credit, but other people are also free to use the same music you have purchased. You may not resell my work or add it to any existing music library. Your purchase is solely for your own use in your own game. Be cool.
Robot Town (8 Coins) Play Track Purchase
Slimepocalypse (8 Coins) Play Track Purchase
Magamordor (12 Coins) Play Track Purchase
Mad Scientist Throne Room (8 Coins) Play Track Purchase
Waffle Iron (10 Coins) Play Track Purchase
Groovy Lab (8 Coins) Play Track Purchase
Monster Smash (12 Coins) Play Track Purchase
Determined Darkness (6 Coins) Play Track Purchase
Forest of Delusion (8 Coins) Play Track Purchase
Pizza Arcade (4 Coins) Play Track Purchase
Desert Turkey (10 Coins) Play Track Purchase
Dragonport (10 Coins) Play Track Purchase
Hall Of Death (6 Coins) Play Track Purchase
Puppet Caves (4 Coins) Play Track Purchase
Rainbowland (8 Coins) Play Track Purchase
Vespa Valley (10 Coins) Play Track Purchase
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