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    Bibio - Snake Reloaded
    By Lunar Tech Games
    18 Levels (3 starters, 15 unlockable) 3 Difficulty settings Gradual increase in difficutly Local H2H multiplayer Classic Freeplay level High scores separated by level. 1 Maze level
    The first level of each difficulty is unlocked from the start and a certain score is required on a level to unlock the next level. Each difficulty has a different score requiment, higher difficulty means higher score requirement. Other than the splash screen we omitted sound effects from this game as it would get pretty annoying and unfortunately we can't make your PC vibrate (yet :P). This was the first feature rich product that we took through the self-publishing process as an Indie Developer and is currently (and will always) be free-to-play online as a browser game requiring no sign up process, that's right, you can just play it.
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