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    ColonyShip-4: Survivors
    By CourtneyGameStudi
    Tactical, turn-based combat with RPG style character progression, equipment customization, research, and a varied, open-world campaign.
    A Tactical Turn-Based Shooter at its heart, CS4S boasts RPG elements, equipment customization, and a grand-strategy campaign set in an open-style world. The deep tactical action is powered by the strong enemy AI. A AI battlefield commander controls who's going where, but once they get near the action, individual AI soldiers make their own decisions. Each assesses the situation around them and decides where to take cover, if they can flank you, or even if they would be best to run away. RPG elements include skill customization and development in several categories. We're planning on having rich characters based around individual character traits and alignments that will determine what kind of character the player has presented to them. We're also planning on implementing genetic modifications and races other than humanity. Equipment customization and development is another major factor in CS4S. Each weapon can be researched and upgrades in different categories, such as barrel, magazine, ammo type, and firing mechanism. Armoured Suits come in three basic types (light, medium, heavy) that affect action points. In addition, each suit can be upgraded with enhanced electronics, increased main and secondary armour, an armour enhancement, a utility item, and a power supply. Research will be key to getting an edge in combat, as new items, weapons, and armour upgrades can all be researched to increase the strength of your soldiers. The Grand Campaign will have multiple (currently only one), unique factions to interact with and fight against. Who you decide to ally with will affect the morale of your soldiers and what other factions think of you.
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