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By T Allen Studios
Concluse is an atmospheric horror game which features puzzles, outstanding cutscenes, and something a little twisted...
You won't find your now typical jump scares here; there is something deeper at work, something which begins to bridge the gap of what is real and what isn't. STORY After three long years of searching for his missing wife, Carolyn, Michael Benson is at his wit's end. Just as he is about to throw in the towel and end his search, he receives an anonymous tip on his answering machine. The caller claims to have seen Carolyn in 'Hell', a strangely named town in the boondocks of New England. With little else to go on, Michael sets out for 'Hell', could his wife really be there? FEATURES *Low resolution graphics keep the game true to its lost ps1 origins. *60+ keys and items to aid in your search. *Unique puzzles to uncover hidden items and gain access to new areas. *High quality cutscenes, which are also brief to keep emphasis on gameplay. *Excellent voice acting pulls players into the shoes of the protagonist. *Full Xbox 360 controller support (PC/Mac).
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