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    Dead Heat
    By Saxon Software
    A post-apocalyptic Gothic Noir adventure game set in 2082 New York. Filled with Zombies, paranoia, death cults & detectives!
    Dead Heat is an adventure game set shortly after a zombie apocalypse where humans & zombies struggle to co-exist. Taking place in the year 2082 in New York, the game follows detectives Sonja Vargas; A human in high society with a checkered past, and Lilith Troy; A 50-year-old Zombie loving her new unlife, as they investigate a suspicious suicide no one else seems to want to touch. Their investigation will take them down a spiral of paranoia, lies and secrets that will rip the world apart once again. The games focus will be providing an engaging story with not just multiple procedurally generated conclusions, but multiple paths to these conclusions. Making every playthrough a different experience for the player. It will also focus on making the player feel like a detective with a central evidence analysis and case building mechanic and autopsy mechanic, along with a dynamic conversation and interrogation system. Different characters will receive a different reaction from NPC's based on their nature. Some may prefer to talk to a human rather than a zombie, and vice versa. The game will take place across four unique boroughs of New York. Hell's Kitchen, Little Tokyo, Harlem, Union Docks and Midtown. Each showing a different side of the post-apocalyptic world. Each area will be populated with unique and interesting characters, each with their own tales of the Dark Ages, motivations and agendas. Along with making a fun and interesting game with high replay value, we hope to create a compelling vision of the future inspired by science-fiction, Horror, Noir and Pulp Fiction.
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