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    Bounce N Bang
    By SK Games
    One of a new and amazing concept in physics puzzle. So addictive that you won’t stop playing, but hey fewer than 10 percent of players have won. Play and win if YOU CAN ! It’s totally FREE ㋡. Switch on your brain with new physics puzzle challenge! Shoot the cannonball and bounce it to destroy your enemy’s castles by following the physics law. Bounce n Bang Castle game is FREE to play & very addicting! It’s not a usual tap ball game; it’s one of the most addicting & challenging physics puzzle.
    It's a simple and addictive .You just have to aim and shoot , got a cannon and have make a target and blow up a castle in each stage, that gets hard one after another. Little story: Zormen kingdom has forcefully taken over a village and jailed its people ,few of them have managed to escape prison .Help them getting back their occupied land and people. You are a savior who is helping villagers in doing so. How to play? Shoot your enemy by aiming cannon or bounce a cannon-ball through walls guiding it towards their building. Rotate and place moving walls at suitable points, making the best angle ; just so when you open fire , BANG! Ball hits the target. Each stage is simple yet a challenging puzzle to refresh your mind . Excellent brain exercise for the lovers of physics-based puzzle with amazing life-like mechanics . Go for it if you are looking for a great time killer.
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