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    By Stellar Oasis
    Notified is a game about endless phone notifications. Use abilities like Airplane Mode, Battery Drain, and Quick Charge to win against a challenging AI opponent. Quick reaction times and anticipation are the key to victory!
    Your phone notifications keep popping up, relentlessly, distracting you from the game at hand! Focus and you may be able to beat a challenging AI opponent. Luckily you have three abilities that can help: * Airplane Mode - Do you have too many notifications? Turn on Airplane Mode and clear them out! * Battery Drain - Are you about to score a point and want to make sure that you do? Stop your opponent's movement with Battery Drain * Quick Charge - Need to stop your opponent from scoring? Quick Charge gives you a speed boost for a crucial save Your opponent has these abilities too so watch out! Sometimes that brain will get past your phone and you will be seconds away from giving up a point. Brain Freeze to the rescue! Smash that brain against the wall and get another chance at victory.
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