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    By bkdove studios
    Carsteroids is a challenging top-down shooter set in a dark future where humanity has colonized the asteroids. Now that place is a set for a violent car-combat gameshow.
    Carsteroids blends vehicular carnage with a top down arcade combat and rogue-lite elements as you compete in a futuristic sci-fi game show. Inspired by the arcade machines and the 16-bit era machines, the game is concentrated on the player's skills to win the impossible tournament and to proceed with the story. FEATURING: -60 fps fast and challenging old school car-combat. -Single player story mode. -Multiplayer fun (versus ball mode & arcade co-op). -Random stages and enemies (every combat is never the same as the previous one). -Different weapons and powerups! -Bonus levels & hidden areas. -Unlockables & loot. -Keyboard / full gamepad control.
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