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    Flicked Up - Challenging Physics Puzzles
    By Sparky Entertainment India
    puzzle games for adults, fun free brain challenging physics puzzles
    Flick, score, repeat. Gear up to solve unique challenging physics puzzles just by flicking a ball into a glass bowl. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Well, not as easy as you think. Flicked up is a challenging physics puzzle game, where you flick a ball into a glass bowl using the right amount of speed and accuracy. Problem solved! It is the kind of games that would make you want to crown yourself king after every passing level. The game is to challenge yourself solving physics puzzles, making sure you collect all 3 stars. Add them to your crown and rejoice. Try this physics puzzle game now! The game has fun physics puzzles with simple challenges. Moreover, it is free to play. Flicked Up Features â—†120 Super challenging brain busting physics puzzle levels. â—† 60 Free brain-teasing puzzle levels and 60 Premium puzzle levels. â—† Easy Flick Control â—†12 level packs with 10 interesting levels in each pack. â—† Multiple unique ways to solve each physics puzzle. â—† Aim for three stars in every level for a higher star count. â—†Use your stars to unlock higher level packs. (The free levels can be unlocked by using the stars that are earned in the previous levels) â—†Purchase premium levels to disable the ads in the game. â—†Designed exclusively for pastime fun. Every level is a brain-teasing puzzle that has been carefully designed to extract maximum fun. Drop the ball into the destination bowl in a single flick against obstacles like bombs, jump pads, glass floors, cannons and spikes. Every level needs a unique solution and the challenge gets crazy and fun as you go up levels. Download this incredible physics puzzle game now. I hope you enjoy Flicked Up!
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