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The Warriorlock
By Justin Cuff
The Warriorlock is a challenging turn-based rpg with a storybook presentation and extensive character dialogue. Escape into a dangerous alternate reality as the young and talented Harry Longshaft, whose next mission will bring him to battle his own demons in this twisted tale of mind over madness.
Travel beyond the mind's eye of a young man trapped in crisis, into the wilds of a dangerous and enchanted realm, where empowered with might, magic and perhaps a few good companions, he may find the strength and courage to battle the darkness closing within. Featuring a glorious synthesis of core RPG mechanics, challenging turn-based combat and a dialogue-rich, digital storybook presentation teeming with memorable characters, mystery, magic, monsters, merriment and mayhem—this is one tall tale that just must be told. Key Features *Interactive storybook presentation with a rich text narrative and character dialogue. *Detailed journey path comprised of meticulously-crafted, individual scene art parallaxes. *Optional party members, with up to four characters in party. *Visible encounter shadows that 'cloak' enemy type and weight until physically contacted. *Dynamic turn-based combat system with stat-driven turn-order, turn wait gauge, action point-locked talents, bribe option and victory item drops. *Sophisticated chance spawning system that randomizes item discovery and rare chest loot. *Convenient 'save anywhere' option, with player restored to exact save location. *Created, written, designed and developed by one person.
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