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    Theseus: Journey to Athens
    By AntiquityGames
    Set in ancient Greece, this game features old-school adventure and role-playing mechanics. Your choices will have consequences. The primary goal of this game is to bring the ancient source material to life; if you appreciate classical antiquity and mythology, then this game should fit the bill.
    Over 20 unique locations to explore, based heavily on classical texts like Pausanias' Guide to Greece. Beautiful modern artwork created by artist Klaudia Jankowska (https://klaudiajankowskaart.myportfolio.com). Detailed choose-your-own-adventure style cut scenes, decorated with historical artwork. Turn-based combat with many different opponents and items. Party mechanics are included, but will your noble companions be willing to travel side by side with the wretched ones? The ancient sources tell many different tales about Theseus and his journey to Athens. Now, it is your turn to step into Theseus' sandals. What will you seek to achieve, and how will you conduct yourself as you make your way to Athens?
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