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    Cinderella - An Interactive Fairytale
    By Golden Orb
    "Cinderella - An Interactive Fairytale" is the first interactive picture book made by Golden Orb. It is based on the traditional fairytale yet told in its own, unique way. Beautiful illustrations with a high level of detail and custom composed music create a magical atmosphere within the app. The story is told by professional voice actors and the German as well as the English audio edition are included in the app at this point. It is available for both Android and iOS on August 16th 2018.
    As the name suggests, "Cinderella - An Interactive Fairytale" is a reinterpretation of the popular fairytale "Cinderella".The story is loosely based on the well known narration by Charles Perrault, yet it has its own unique way of telling the story. For instance, the main character in the Golden Orb interpretation is much more self-reliant than in the traditional version and takes control of her own fate. In accordance with that, she does not attend the royal ball with the intention of getting married to the prince but rather seeks an entertaining diversion from her otherwise strenuous everyday life packed with household chores. Of course, even in this slightly modernized version of the tale will she meet and fall in love with the prince but the way towards the happy ending follows a more elfreliant attitude of the main character. Because of her caring, respectful behavior towards other creatures she receives the help of various side characters along the course of the story. For example, without the help of the castle's guard dog, a Pomeranian, the night out at the royal ball might have very well turned out a lot differently than is commonly told. The magical atmosphere of the traditional story is maintained in the reinterpretation and is supported by detailed, hand-drawn illustrations and animations. Music specifically composed for this app as well as sound effects created by the developers themselves also add to the enchanted atmosphere. The story is told by professional voice actors, no reading skills are required to enjoy the interactive fairytale. “Cinderella – An Interactive Fairytale” is narrated by Sky du Mont in the German version and in the English one by Geoffrey Steinherz. Lisa Pitt synchronized the female characters in both languages. The app contains the German as well as the English edition, the language can be switched in the main menu without additional downloads. The interactive picture book is mainly targeted at children aged 4 to 8.
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