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    You Bad Monkey
    By Alanityc Projects
    An angry monkey is unpredictable, but this monkey has crossed the line...
    Tired of living at the mercy of the zoo visitors, this one monkey decided to scare them by throwing the unpredictable right at them! Will you be able to withstand wave after wave of visitors while defending your self from the parks security measures and angry visitors? Great! If you are up to the task, then here are some of the benefits: - You'll be able to unlock new skills to upgrade your arsenal. - Improve your monkey to make it last longer and cause chaos through the park. - Rank among your friends to find out who's the better monkey. - Unlock achievements to reward your experience. - Buy consumables to gain an edge. - Make powerful combos. - Test your skills with 3 different game modes: Career, Combo Attack and Time Attack. - And... probably more stuff but I'm getting tired of writing.
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