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    Walk Boy Run
    By Upware Studios
    "WalkBoy" is an independent videogame that takes us into an exciting adventure of time travelling. The game is about a child who receives a music player that allows him to travel through different times and places along history with each song. Unfortunately, during his first voyage to the Jurassic era, the player is damaged, making our hero jump from age to age randomly.
    The main mission of the game is to return Walkboy to his place of origin, which means to keep running to get as far as possible, but that's not all. During his tour, Walkboy must be careful not to touch certain items, because if he does, history will be altered and the game will become a chaos. Every age is different, this means it has its owns features and a different gameplay, where the player, based on experience will discover how to avoid the enemies and which objects should be avoided to keep the ecosystem unaltered. In addition, during the adventure we will have mounts, bonuses and equipment that will help us to level up and complete secondary missions, all of it spiced with colorful backgrounds and a sensational soundtrack. A great game for fans of the genre that no one should miss! ★ Go, run, jump, slide, surf, nosedive and make parkour to survive your enemies and obstacles. ★ Find out which elements alter the ecosystem and what makes you die. ★ Four amazing worlds to discover, full of surprises where nothing is what it seems ★ Improve the Power-ups of each time period and take them to the max level ★ Feel the experience of flying in a plane in the middle of a World War. ★ Ride the incredible Hoverboard, is like a jetpack but to surf the space at zero gravity! ★ Hop on the back of Dodo, the prehistoric king of the birds. ★ Combine your outfit to earn bonuses and get special skills. ★ Each period has its own currency, so don’t forget to use the exchange machine! ★ Full integration with Game Services to beat your score and compeete with your friends.
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