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    Bounce and Break
    By Buckriderstudio
    Bounce and break builds upon classic brick breakers and ads fresh game mechanics such as round and moving bricks and an enemy on top that throws negative buffs at you.
    Bounce and break is a new brick breaker game with some fresh mechanics. Can you keep bouncing the ball back into the play field, break all the obstacles and avoid the power downs in this fast paced arcade game? Bounce and Break builds on classic brick breakers like Breakout and Arkanoid, some say "the holy grail of arcade gaming". It adds and changes several of the game-play features of these classic brick breaker games. The goal of this game is to break all bricks / obstacles on the play field with the bouncing ball. You can move the paddle, in this case a space ship, by dragging your finger across the screen. Bounce the ball back into the play field and break those bricks! ★ Fun single finger fast arcade game. ★ Takes the brick breaker genre to new levels. ★ Fresh and innovative take on the brick breaker genre. ★ Improve your own high score or beat those from others with Google leader-boards. ★ A leader-board for each level. ★ Google play achievements from easy to challenging. ★ Gain medals to unlock levels and other content. ★ HD quality graphics en effects. ★ 5 great sci-fi sound tracks. ★ 3 different play speeds. ★ 16 power ups an downs. ★ 18 playable levels.
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