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    Solbot : Energy Rush
    By FreakoutGames
    Get ready for a thrilling and colorful adventure with Robot!
    Play as a robot and collect renewable energy resources as part of a space mission. Dodge tricky patterns, learn facts about saving energy to help the environment, and use fun power ups! Features: -> One touch control -> Robot color changes with each level -> 50 Unique and challenging levels -> Multiple fun power ups -> Challenging casual game for all age group -> Free and easy to play How to Play: -> Tap on left OR Tap on right to move robot -> Collect colorful orbs matching with robot -> Key to victory is timing and precision of movement Browse some beautiful Solbot Merchandising items! https://shop.spreadshirt.com/solbot Follow us to get news and updates: https://twitter.com/solbotenergyrsh https://www.facebook.com/solbotenergyrush/
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