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    By Buckriderstudio
    A great number puzzle game that is inspirered by Sudoku. It improves your counting and ability to think ahead.
    If you like puzzle games, especially with numbers like Sudoku you will love Mathemechanic! The objective of this number puzzle game is to match the target number of each row and column by switching the numbers on the board on or off. Of course, when you switch a number the sum of both the row and column changes. You complete a game when all targets, displayed on the side of the board match the sum of the corresponding column and row. There are plenty of different board combinations. For each mode you can choose 5 board sizes and 4 different ranges of numbers. This ads up to 20 different boards per mode and each mode has it's own high score and save slot. Try them all and take a shot at your best scores and win streaks in this addicting number puzzle game.
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