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CodeRed: Agent Sarah s Story - Day One
By LivinThing
'CodeRed: Agent Sarah's story - Day One' Steam game. A new game by LivingThing Studio. The game combines detective story with adventure elements It involves players in making difficult moral decisions and choices that directly affect the plot.The main story is about an ivestigation where a ruthless terrorist is to be captured and a big city saved. Players are going to face interesting logic riddles, car pursuits, puzzles and criminal plots. The game is designed for adult players.
Hey. When you hear Early Access, do you think of something like "This game will never work out" or "Most of the activity does not work"? We want to refine the last details and improve the translation into English. The expected time to release Day One is winter this year, but now you can help the Agent on the first day of the investigation. Why should you purchase CodeRed? 1. You miss classic point'n'click adventure with an engaging story. 2. You want something fresh in this genre! Our product has been created based on point&click game play and is distinguished by extensive script, hand painted graphics, music composed specifically for the game, the need to make moral choices and achievement system. What also is worth mentioning is the fact our game introduces some social elements that will enable its players to meet their friends playing other characters of the game such as informers, suspects or snitches. Currently, we are pleased to present the first day of investigation. After completing this one, players will be able to compare their achievements and re-start the investigation. It means you can make different decisions and carry out the investigation in another way of your choice. Teaser: The agent’s comment ,,I only have three days to save New York from annihilation. Should you decide to help me, I will require full cooperation from you. Together we will make tough decisions, not only work related ones. The situaiton is serious so you’ll have to keep a cool head. Code Red has been announced by the President; we are all in danger. Remember that each of your decisions is going to have some irreversible consequences. So, are you going to take up the challenge and join my investigation? It can be the adventure of your lifetime'' Sarah Young
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