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    Dodge It!
    By DSGuy
    Tap to dodge obstacles that comes your way
    What is Dodge It? A game to test your finger tapping agility which guides your way through the obstacles (aka enemies). Beautiful 60FPS game-play for Android Only one control: Tap/Click to jump (Can also use Z) Only one rule: Avoid the enemies Cool backgrounds made by yours truly Random music to soothe your game-play Unique jingles for power-ups Power-ups to aid you through game-play 5 (Nope 6) unique enemies to frustrate your game-play squares just move spawn and move left or right, small chance to spawn at the player's y coord circles bounce up ad down and kinda tough to dodge target shaped ones just spins and all rectangles spawns in 2's at the players y cord to attempt to block triangles homings towards the player's y coord arrows are just like squares but faster and more likely to spawn at the player's y cord Compete to be the best with leaderboards by amazon game circle
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