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    Cosmic Swift Run
    By SergeiGritsaenko
    It's a arcade runner with cute space sheep. Cosmic sheep named "Swift", participates in interplanetary, dangerous running.
    Cosmic sheep named "Swift", participates in interplanetary, dangerous running. On the way to the finish, the participants collect bubbles, inside each one there may be a magic bonus, glory points or the ability giving an advantage over rivals. Beware of dangerous throbbing spines, they have a different appearance, but they are all equally dangerous for the runners. In addition to the usual running, spacesuits makes it possible to fly to any height on the bubble thrust. Swift running and jumps is very tiring sheep, but a short sleep and stroking gives energy, and you can run further, overcoming obstacles! Upgrade your running speed, endurance, acceleration, and magical abilities like a protective cocoon or a rotating axe. Rule only one - no rules! Only the fastest wins! However, to access other planets, you need a certain number of stars, which you can earn only by participating in the race and collecting as many glory points as possible. Successful to you of running!
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