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    RECOG The First Wave
    By LozMarblz Inc
    The Game is truly challenging and strategically entertaining. Build and defend your industry from an enemy who knows you more than you know yourself. Plan each step wisely, for all decisions you make directly impact what’s to come. Be prepared, for you are now entering THE RECOG!
    Advanced Cognitive Relay, a.k.a. ‘RECOG’: The consciousness within all artificial life as we know it, has been embedded in an enemy whose sole purpose is to navigate the galaxies in search for those opposed to its logical ways of perseveration, and destroy them. As deep space mission control auxiliary, you are in charge of the implementation and management process of the RECOG project. With a care package from Earth, you are to build an industrial complex as the first line of defense against the enemy RECOGs. Dig deep in the landscape to uncover precious minerals and oids in order to create your stronghold. Fortify your defenses with an army of starships, equipped with special abilities and weaponry to protect that all-important industrial landscape. Be conscious in your decisions and prioritize the construction wisely. For the more advanced you become, the enemy RECOGs will revise and react accordingly. This not your ordinary real-time strategy game. It is about understanding the mind of an enemy who learns and adapts to your playing style in order to crush you.
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