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    Citylights - San Francisco
    By Citylights game
    Find the best route avoid the risks of the city reach the points of interest and get as many stars as you can to visit all the rest of the city. there is a postcard at the end of each neighborhood collect them all and challenge yourself in San Francisco.
    Visit the city and hop around San Francisco with CITYLIGHTS the new city puzzle game. Swipe your finger to find the best route and reach the points of interest. Control the colors of the streets plan your trip, be fast, be smart: Red, stop! Green, go! Yellow, run! Get as many stars you can and unlock the other neighborhoods. Collect the postcards and enjoy your moments in San Francisco. Citylights is easy to play with a basic swipe finger movement. The player is moving inside routes distinguished by the colors of the traffic lights: red, green and yellow. The time will start the countdown immediately after you swipe for the first time. Do not jaywalk, walk around to get the stars within the path and reach the finish point on time. As you progress through each level, the game becomes more complicated and difficult.
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