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    Solid Spheres Ultimate
    By mgeorg1
    90 levels of pure addictive fun in this puzzle game with an explosive twist. Think of peg solitaire but with explosions - big explosions!
    Clear the board of all the spheres and use the special tiles to make a combination explode. A puzzle game concept that's easy to learn, easy to play but difficult to master. Can you Master The Spheres? * 90 challenging levels split over 5 different difficulties * No time limits in the normal game - play at your own relaxing pace. * NEW Beat the Clock Game Mode - featuring 15 tough levels to really test your ability. * Excellent graphics and music * 9 special tiles each with their own explosive effect. No witches, no gems, no fruit and no cute animals! You just need to Master The Spheres. If you need any hints or tips for any of the levels then please feel free to contact us at mail@addictive247.co.uk We'd also love to get your reviews and any ideas you'd like to see included in the game. Get in touch! Follow us on Facebook for more news and games at https://www.facebook.com/addictive247 The game does contain Ads but it is FREE
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