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CornWars - The Farming-Shooter-Game
By Firesplash Entertainment
CornWars is a farming simulation where you make heavy use of weapons instead of usual tools. There are also opponents, diseases and other stuff in the game also there are quests and achievements to visualize progress in the game and to spur you to actually MAKE progess :p This game is still in development and has not been released yet!
Did you ever try to shoot a bullet into the ground and see what happens? Probably it will grow a big beautiful tree of pistols or bullets or probably it will just be a bunch of wheat plants… Who knows? We do. Welcome to Corn Wars! You need to plant seeds and sell the fruit to be able to buy better seeds, weapons and pay your taxes. Oh! Wait! Weapons? YES! They are… like… Uncommon tools for farming...? The idea came up during Ludum Dare 41 Game-Jam and we had much positive criticism and lots of support during our live-coding-streams. ------------------------------- CornWars is a mash-up of classical farming simulation and a shooter-game. Basically you will play as a farmer on your very own small world. You will start with a small barn and one field. Get a few seeds at the local farmer store and grow your first plants, harvest them and make some money with their fruit. Oh! And you will not use the shovel for farming. We got pistols ans other weapons ;) This is the farming-part. Further there will be a multi-functional tank used for e.g. preparing the farmland or shooting bigger ammunition. There will be crafting to put your seeds into bigger ammunition. Also our game will feature different negative effects like diseases, robbery and even some opponents like foreign farmers or insects trying to ruin your harvest which will appear occationally. To make the game progress clearer and kind of challenging you will get quests to fullfill. If you need more room for planting you can buy more fields or increase your storage to be able to store more fruits. But after all do not forget to pay your taxes as every square meter will cost taxes.
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