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    Dead Simple 21
    By mgeorg1
    Dead Simple 21 is a Fast paced 21 card game where you play against Death himself.
    Forget all the other 21 or blackjack card games! Dead Simple 21 has you going head to head with Death himself in this fast paced 21 card game. Simply try and make 21 in any one of the four lanes available. Make 21 and Death gets annoyed! Get combinations of 21 in a row and max out the multiplier to extend your timer (life). Keep playing through the rounds and you'll be rewarded with special cards that may help or hinder your progress. Love 21 games but you're finding them a bit too similar - try Dead Simple 21! * Simple to learn and easy to play. Suitable for everyone. * Play as long as you can. No card limits. The better you get at the game, the further you'll get. * 5 Special Cards including the Lane Bomber, Heart Shocker and Blind Mans Curse. * Achievements - The game is packed with achievements for you to try and complete. Some easy and some fiendishly difficult. * Great animation, fun sound effects and you get the chance to annoy Death! You should see his angry face! * Game keeps track of all your best scores, best rounds and all your achievements to date. * Dead Simple 21 is FREE! Death comes for us all but sometimes he just wants to play cards! Follow us on Facebook for more Dead Simple 21 news and games at https://www.facebook.com/addictive247
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