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    Bad Pad
    By headbangames
    Ever wondered what would happen if your gamepad's buttons came to life? Bad Pad is a fictional hard rock musical comedy metroidvania platformer.
    The wacky premise of Bad Pad is told in songs and is set around a gamepad's buttons who came to life, their endless battles, tons of jumping, mind controlling machines and a little bit of time traveling. Join Square in his adventures, survive Evil Pen's hellish castles, help save Hexa and Trapezoid and probably the rest of the world! Features: Humorous and crazy story-line told in songs and animations, those buttons sure can sing! Original guitar driven rock and metal soundtrack that will keep you pumped. Diverse gameplay with cart riding levels, submarine levels, spaceship levels and more. 4 acts, 17 levels, more than 160 scenes to explore, metroidvania style! 10 epic boss levels. 3 mini classic arcade games. Cool pixel art graphics and a retro feel. Use of physics and changing gravity. Environmental puzzles. One item-based inventory system, hey a button doesn't have pockets, deal with it. Tight controls and game mechanics + gamepad support. Three game difficulties to select from. Lots of steam achievements.
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