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    The Little Plane HD
    By Avakaigames
    The Little Plane is back to take you on a journey across multiple scenic themes. Fly in the hot desert among cacti and camels, fly among the penguins, challenge yourself in the dark. Simple Gameplay: Collect fuel to fly longer, Avoid Obstacles. A choice of 5 amazing themes: Classic - Avoid small birds-avoid damage. Desert - Don't let the plane overheat, water is your friend. Arctic - Don't freeze in the cold, make sure to collect enough heat. Dark - Stay on the bright side collect light. - A bonus theme You can now play the Classic Theme in Stereoscopic 3D, and enjoy the game in the third dimension. 3D Glasses required! Don't be fooled by the simple look of the game - though it is easy to get started with, it is very hard to master! Highlights: -Choice of five amazing themes -Simple Single touch control -Easy to start - hard to master! -Attractive Artwork -Engaging gameplay
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