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Super Moto Barf
By FroggyCat Studios
Drive fast, take chances, and barf up a storm on the streets of Spain! This is SUPER MOTO BARF, a sidescrolling retro avoider game for Android and IOS. Get it now!
Super Moto Barf is an arcade-style side-scrolling avoidance game. There’s also barf. Lots and lots of barf. You’re a surly old man on a moto with a hankering for ham, a cantankerous attitude, and a gnarly case of indigestion. Avoid obstacles and barf on everything in your path! Welcome to the affectionately irreverent parody of the historic town of Granada, Spain, whose narrow cobblestone streets are alive with the clustered chaos of impatient locals, meandering tourists, sprawling sidewalk cafes, lively plazas, wayward soccer balls, abandoned gas tanks, misplaced trash, unfortunate piles of poop, Don Quixote, and stampeding bulls. Score survival points for distance covered. Barf on enemies to stun them and score points. Run over stunned enemies for extra points. Pick up ham legs to keep your barf supply full. Grab special fiery ham legs for an invincibility power up. Barf your way to victory! FEATURES: Classic arcade game appeal and addictive game play will keep you entertained for hours. Intuitive touch-screen controls for tap-based steering and barfing are easy to learn and use. Enjoy the amazing original flamenco guitar beats and stylized, hilarious animations. Randomly generated world seeding means infinite replay value. Moto speed and number of enemies and obstacles on screen increases the longer you survive. Manage your barf carefully or you could find yourself in an impossible situation. Strive for high scores and test your dodging and barfing skills in pursuit of a perfect run. Share your gnarly screenshots and scores on social media. Check out our awesome game trailer on! FOLLOW US for all our development news:
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