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Draco's Misfortune
By Bloodline Games
Take the role of Draco and Clyde the unluckiest bounty hunters in the land as they take on one last job for an early retirement. Can you stop them fucking everything up and bring the bounty back alive.
Follow Draco and Clyde the unluckiest bounty hunters in the land as they take on one last bounty. Draco's Misfortune is a surreal tale portraying "Evil" from both sides of the fence, allowing the player to experience the journey from the hero's perspective as well as the villain's. You predominantly play as Draco a failing bounty hunter working for Bounty Hunters INC with his side kick Clyde Lumpkins. The two are forced to take one last job so they can retire as sweat farmers in the South of France. The two reluctantly take the job as the bounty is in Draco's most hated place on the face of the planet: The Valley. The Valley is a exactly what it sounds like a valley. It's a small isolated valley community where 90% of the residents have never left or experienced the outside world. It breeds a special kind of freak that allows for some surreal characters and scenarios. The Valley is made up from 4 different shires each one has a unique trait of madness that is portrayed within the residents. Draco's Misfortune is a hybrid of direct control and classic point and click games. Full of diverse mini games and different play styles to keep the game feeling fresh. DEMO COMING SOON! It'll be unique madness I promise thee.
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