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    Paper Pilot
    By Timco
    Arcade - Game: Fly in numerous levels and discover new worlds!
    --- Halloween 2020 update --- - new controll - new objects - new plane ----------------------------- In the 2D action-arcade side-scroller you control the “Paper Pilot”. You fly with his plane in 15 different levels. The goal is on the one hand to finish the level and on the other hand to collect the star boxes in every level to open new level. But be careful! Your gun will very hot and overheated. So you have to develop your own strategy to fly through a unique adventure. You have to collect a lot of coins to buy and unlock new planes HANGAR: *In the hangar you can buy new planes like bomber, helicopter, jet, UFO *Upgrade your weapon, engine, heat reduction Paper Pilot is an easy arcade game. Let’s say it’s simple. The mix between simple control and simple graphic is an easy entry for every player. You can play Paper Pilot on any occasion. Weather in the train, bus or lunch break. The level become more and more demanding over time, so you are always challenged. Be a paper pilot now! KEY-FEATURES * free download * different planes * upgrade your skills * 15 unique levels * unlock new levels & planes in the hangar * IOS or Android
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