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Neko AR - My Virtual Friend
By The Third Moon
FEATURES: VIDEO & PHOTO MODE – Adjust Neko by resizing, moving, or rotating to get great recorded videos with audio and captured stills. HAVE FUN – Play the Mini games to earn coins for food and accessories. MORE MINI GAMES WILL BE ADDED. DANCE – Remember to get Neko to dance to your own music and why not record and share it with friends. POSE – Neko loves having pictures taken. There are multiple poses waiting for you to capture. CUSTOMISATION – Fully customise your own Neko from skin colour to eye colour. You can also dress Neko up in various outfits, colours and choose from loads of accessories to make it your own. LOOK AFTER NEKO - Your Neko AR needs daily care to stay healthy and happy. Keep your Neko well fed and entertained.
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