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    By EcliPlay
    Casual game where you have to save these Mac creatures from drowning.
    Macs are sort of stupid but courageous though. Stranded on a small island, these loving creatures multiply so fast that they run out of space to live. They use a set of 3 cannons salvaged from their wrecked ship to cannon themselves on to a bigger island but fail each time they try. So, they need your help ! Use your Life preserver and save them from drowning. Bonuses: Do combos, increase your save streak, pass difficulty levels - you will earn bonuses which will help you increase your score spectacularly ! Challenges: Whenever they die too much, Heaven gets full and smites you with more and more bombs. Pass this with success and more points are to come. Tutorial System: A play tutorial is available. I recommend you try it before diving in the game. This game is not that easy to play. P.S. Do not hit the bombs ! :)
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