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    By ZigZaGame
    Jump right into mythology and take on the role of Asgard’s strongest hero in this story driven, feature-filled JRPG.
    The realm of Valhalla cries out for a hero! Will you answer the call? Something is amiss in Asgard, as mysterious forces wage a relentless war on god and man alike. A chilling wind whispers but a single word: "Ragnarok". As a Valkyrie, take up your blade and defy Fate... The future of the gods, and the entire world, rests upon your shoulders! Explore a comedic and dramatic story based on mythology from various cultures, with hundreds of characters to encounter! Build your Party and lead it to victory! FEATURES - Get to know your favorite myths in a whole new light. - Gods and mythical heroes appear as charming and unforgettable characters. - Experience a sprawling tale of destiny and heroism that spans across the Nine Realms. - Summon and build a party of powerful Norse gods and epic heroes! - Smite your foes with godly abilities like Gungnir, Star Blaze, and… Book Smack?! - Defeat your enemies using an exciting real-time battle system. - Re-roll your first Legendary summon in-game as many times as you like! - Receive special login bonuses including Materials, Gold Coins, and even free Summons! A Colorful Cast of Characters ◇ Allfather, Odin ◇ The wise, cunning, Allfather of the gods… Well... he USED to be like that, anyway. These days, he spends all of his time slacking off. ◇ Lord of Lightning, Thor ◇ Once the right hand of Valhalla, wielding the mighty Mjolnir, this gentle giant now spends his days with his family or working out. Muscular and silly, he believes that most things in life can be solved with some generous flexing. ◇ Goddess of Plenty, Freyja ◇ The true power in Valhalla. You can usually find her running around fixing Odin and Thor's mistakes. Friendly and kind, she helps new Valkyries get used to life in Valhalla. ◇ Godly Warhorse, Sleipnir ◇ A divine warhorse, once Odin's famous steed and the fastest horse in all the Realms. But for some reason, he's taken the form of a human and no one really knows why...
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