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    Dungeon Team
    By WakefieldStudios
    Dungeon Team is a turn-based PvP battle game. Build up your team of heroes and become the greatest champion. Fight other players and get rewards, climb the ranks!
    Sometimes you come across an indie game that shows off such ingenuity and complexity, it can feel a little intimidating to the casual gamer. Dungeon Team, by Wakefield Studios, is a game that manages to do away with the intimidation, but still include complex & unique mechanics. "So what is Dungeon Team," I hear you ask... Well, it's an arena-like game that pits players against other online players or AI opponents. Firstly, you get to choose from a selection of 11 heroes to play as. You may start out with a small squad of 1 or 2 heroes, but Dungeon Team supports match types of up to 7v7. Available classes are: - Assassin - Battle Mage - Dreamsmikth - Invoker - Knight - Mercenary - Monk - Paladin - Ranger - Shaman - Warlock Each class has a unique set of 3 Ability Trees, and each hero can be fully decked out with armor, weaponry, and trinkets to boost their stats. Gear can be won from battles, purchased, or awarded by offering a monetary sacrifice to gods at the Altar. Combat is fought in an arena made up of hexagon spaces. Dungeon Team's unique battle engine is a hybrid of turn-based and real-time mechanics. Utilize your action points, attacks and spells wisely to outwit & destroy your opponents. The ASCII-esque graphics of Dungeon Team make it feel old-school, but the animations & mechanics bring a modern feeling to the forefront.
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