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    Peter O' Dactile
    By Freakbox
    Peter O' Dactile is a scrolling shooter game that can be played one handed. Defeat the apes and save your dinosaurs brothers!
    Peter O' Dactile is a scrolling shooter game developed by Freakbox and released on Google Play Store in 2018. Gameplay The game has several levels. The objective is to reach the end of each level without getting hit by an enemy. To achieve this, the player can change the flying height of Peter by sliding up and down on touchscreen. Also, the player can make Peter shoot into an enemy by tapping the touchscreen. However, if Peter hits an hypnotized dino, the mission is failed. Plot The radiation of a misterious asteroid caused the apes to develop telepathic abilities. It did not take long for Apes to rise against the Dinosaurs civilization. Peter, with the help of Professor, must reach the source of the psionic waves to release his brothers. http://download.peter-o-dactile.com/
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