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Crazy Dreamz: Best Of
By Dreamz
Crazy Dreamz: Best Of is the First-Ever Crowd-Developed Game. Discover 100 outstanding levels made by brilliant creators all over the world.
Crazy Dreamz: Best Of is the first 2D Platformer made by its own community. Discover 100 outstanding levels made by brilliant creators around the world. Some are incredibly tricky, others are funny, and all of them have a fascinating story behind them. Discover how great a game can be, when the whole world chips in to make it! Play as a brave MagiCat to save the MagiCat Kingdom! Evil rats invaded your country. Lands were plundered… and there are no fish left to eat. What a tragedy! Fight against the rats’ army, defeat the mysterious and epic boss, and behold the awesome power… of the cat! Key Features: - REVENUE SHARED between the 100 creators as part of our ‘Fair Game’ initiative - 100 AWESOME LEVELS: the craziest and the most original playing experience you can imagine - EPIC BOSS FIGHTS: face off against the 7 generals of rats’ army in various battle modes - EXCLUSIVE SKINS: change your outfit, hat and weapon to make your cat unique! - Beautiful hand-drawn 2D environments Fair Game Initiative Fair Game means that half of the game’s revenue will be shared between the 100 level builders for their outstanding creations. When purchasing this game, you are supporting a young but promising initiative dedicated to boost creativity and talent all over the world.
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