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    Tapster - Speed test for your fingers ;)
    By #Games
    Tap Action game that tests the speed and accuracy of your fingers and brain.
    Tapster is an exciting completely free tap action mind game designed to test a few of your abilities. In an interesting way Tapster will combine having fun while being challenged and tested to see how fast and accurate are your fingers and how fast your brain reacts to different colours and shapes… Playing a game, having fun and tweaking your brain in hand eye coordination together with space, colour and shape awareness ….awesome huh? ;) Plus, it’s a completely free game where every player has the same conditions and chances of becoming #1 in the world. How does it work? Pretty simple! You have to hit the target which is randomly generated somewhere on the screen as fast and as accurate as possible. Once you tap the target, next one will generate itself and you are tested again. Different colour and shape of targets mean different number of taps or slides needed for successful point collection. So…you see. It’s simple but very challenging :)
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