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    By PostworldGame
    You managed to escape from secret labs of ominous transnational corporation (TNC) where you were one of many subjects to inhumane experiments. Now you roam the wasteland hoping to survive and take revenge. You will have to cooperate with 3 factions (Cultists, Railwaymen, Slavers) on the post-apocalyptic Russian landscape. You may either join one of the factions to find allies against TNC, or swim against the stream and become the Wasteland King!
    GAME FEATURES - Highly dynamic action: use melee, guns, shields, explosives and brutal teammates to survive - Uncompromising violence: even after losing body parts or being burned alive, enemies are still trying to kill you - Tactical fight: select right ammunition, stimulants, equipment, armor and weapons, know how and where your enemies are most vulnerable - are all important to win - Survival: while roaming the wasteland via global map you need to take care of thirst, hunger and sleep needs and avoid radiation and diseases - Variety of environments: explore manually created unique levels as well as procedurally generated ones - Modular weapons: combine and replace weapon parts as you need for a specific situation - Flexible skill tree: find the perks that suit your style the most
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